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Project Description

Avra Valley Growers

Avra Valley Growers is a veteran-owned company providing Microgreens for Tucson chefs & the public. They are dedicated to growing the old-fashioned way – with love, and without chemicals.

They deliver live microgreens to your home or workplace, year-round on a cancel-anytime subscription basis.

What are microgreens?

To keep it simple, microgreens are any edible plant grown until the first set of true leaves appear or just thereafter. They are harvested just above the “soil line” and most all of them have their cotyledons intact. They are usually harvested within the first 15 days of growth. They may be considered shoots, but don’t confuse them with sprouts as they are in a different class.

Why should you eat them? Besides their amazing flavors, the University of Maryland and the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that “microgreen cotyledon leaves had considerably higher nutritional densities than their mature counterparts”. In fact, the study revealed,“they contain four to forty times more nutrients than their mature counterparts”.

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