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Project Description

Chef Booya D

Give someone processed food and you feed them poorly for a day.
Teach someone how to cook and you feed them abundantly for a lifetime.

 -Chef Booya D

Easy Quinoa Bowl (Mexican Style)

Mediterranean Couscous Salad

Italian Pasta Salad

Chef Booya D provides delicious, protein-packed recovery food straight to the finish line of obstacle courses, mountain bike races and various runs throughout Tucson.

Chef Booya D knew she wasn’t the only person wanting more than a protein bar, piece of fruit or chocolate milk at the end of a long mountain bike race, obstacle course run or marathon.  Her plant-based food options are designed with the competitor in mind.

She offers real food the body needs and will recognize.  Chef Booya D found a way to bridge the recovery hunger gap in a healthy, whole food kind of way.  It was time to get awesome sauce in the kitchen, creating snack size portions of plant-based food.  Each dish has the right amount of carbs, protein and nutrients to fuel your body for quick recovery and have a ton of flavor.  Whether you are a seasoned runner, mountain bike racer, another type of competitor or just a first-time course participant you will enjoy Chef Booya D’s tasty dishes.

Along with food delivery Chef Booya D hosts Live Kitchen Inspiration Cooking Classes.  At Kitchen Inspiration, right here at Cook Tucson, you will discover fun ways to get creative in the kitchen and learn techniques to simplify healthy cooking.  She will showcase remarkable dishes made fresh from locally sourced ingredients.


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